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By Jess Nielson, Nurse

Each week across our Napier, Waipukurau, Dannevirke and Masterton clinics our professional groomers are busy making dogs look pretty.

Amy works from our Dannevirke branch and has over 3 years grooming experience, Heather works from our Waipukurau and Napier branches with over 15 year’s experience and Nicola Sheldon in our Masterton branch with 2 year’s experience. These ladies will groom anything from a Chihuahua to a German Shepherd. Puppy grooms are also welcomed.

It is important to start grooming puppies early on, so your puppy has the best experience from a young age, and helps with training for clipping when it is older. Our groomers offer a 10% discount on any puppys first groom. We pride ourselves in being able to get your dog looking great, without them feeling stressed or anxious, in a safe and caring environment.

When your dog is booked in for a groom we ask that you drop him or her off between 8-8.30am. You will have a consultation with the groomer to discuss how you would like your dog groomed, as well as to discuss any questions you may have. We need you to leave your dog with us for the day, and collection is after 4 pm.

Your dog will enjoy a day of pampering, with under floor heating in cages to keep warm throughout the day.

Our groomers will:

  • Wash, brush and cut the coat.
  • Trim nails.
  • De-matt any tangles.
  • Clean face and ears.
  • Style to your request.

While we are grooming your dog, our groomers are also on the look-out for lumps or bumps, or any other abnormalities that they will bring to the vets attention. Having a vet on hand is fantastic, as we can offer other services while your pet is here. Worming, fleaing, vaccinations, health checks, anal gland express. Any extra services will be discussed with you prior to being undertaken.

Come in and talk to one of our groomers today, all enquiries are welcome. Or phone your clinic to make an appointment. Care and cuddles guaranteed!

Reducing Feline Anxiety and the Dreaded Vet Visit

Read more >Friday 1st of April 2016: Vet visits can be the stuff of nightmares for cats, and their owners! All too often we see cats that arrive at the clinic having cried for the entire car trip, possibly soiled their cage, and that are generally very stressed. They then get examined, maybe injected, and get back into the cage for the stressful return trip home.

Our Senior Pets

Read more >Friday 1st of April 2016: At around the age of eight our pets are classified as "seniors". From then on it is extremely beneficial to have a yearly blood and urine sample taken and have these tested to see how your pet's organs are functioning, and establish if there is anything we can do medically to help prolong a happy and healthy life and prevent or slow the onset of disease.

Barley Grass Season

Read more >Friday 1st of April 2016: Barley Grass season is on its way and this pesky seed is a common problem for many dogs. Barley Grass seeds have a sharp barb at one end and are perfectly formed to penetrate skin and travel around the body. Spaniels and Beardies are at particular risk due to their hairy feet, but any dog can be affected.

Selecting Against Canine Hip Arthritis - Penn Hip

Read more >Friday 1st of April 2016: Arthritis is one of the most common conditions we see in a variety of dog breeds and results in pain, loss of athletic ability, and worst case scenario euthanasia. Hip arthritis is common and can affect both young and old dogs. The primary cause of hip arthritis is excessive hip laxity otherwise known as hip dysplasia.

Vaccination of cats and dogs - Why it?s still important

Read more >Friday 1st of April 2016: For dogs, the use of effective vaccinations has meant that infectious diseases such as hepatitis and distemper, which previously used to kill large number of dogs, are now rarely seen. Unfortunately Parvo-virus is still often diagnosed and commonly causes death in younger puppies.

Dental Disease

Read more >Friday 1st of April 2016: In recent times dental disease in cats and dogs has become a major component of a Vet's daily case load. This may be because we now better recognise the discomfort this causes for our usually uncomplaining patients and potential for further disease to result from it if allowed to go un-treated.

Flea Treatment

Read more >Friday 1st of April 2016: Now is a good time for treating fleas! With the cooler months almost upon us, now is a good time to remember that year round treatment is essential for good control of the flea population.

Pet Nutrition Q & A

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Pregnancy Testing Results for Cattle 2010

Read more >Friday 11th of March 2016: Virtually all the cattle pregnancy testing at Vet Services is now done by ultrasound scanning, allowing more accurate diagnosis of age of pregnancy, identifying twin calves if required, as well as being much gentler for the cows than the century-old practice of manual testing.

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