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Retired Working Dogs

Retired Working Dogs

Vicki Gilchrist

Retired Working Dogs NZ is a registered charity that works to find homes for working farm dogs if they are unable to work due to age, injury or have no interest in stock. Retired pig dogs and hunting dogs are also included!

The charity started in Pahiatua in 2012 and has since grown to a nationwide scale extending to the South Island as well. It has also featured on Country Calendar!

 Farmers can apply to advertise their dog through the website at

If they are unable to keep their dog on farm until a new home is found, a small number of foster homes are available. 

Retired Working Dogs can make great pets and most adjust very well to home life. Some are still able to be useful on lifestyle blocks and younger ones fit well with active homes. 

Facebook: Retired Working Dog Adoption NZ 





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