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Case Study - The Bionic Dog and Cutting Edge Technology

Zac presented to the clinic with left hind-limb lameness of a short duration. We took x-rays of his hock region (ankle), as a swelling was found in this area. This showed an osteosarcoma or bone tumour, these tumors generally hold a very poor prognosis and we often have to amputate the leg (non curative but can extend life expectancy).

After discussion with the owners, we decided to send Zac to Massey University for a trial that they are undertaking concerning 'limb sparing surgery'. This means that the cancerous section of Zac's leg was surgically removed and replaced with a titanium implant. Zac is doing well after this, and while  it is still early stages of recovery - we hope he can get back to the happy bouncy dog we all know and love!

Bionic dog leg x-rayBionic dog leg x-ray

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