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Case Study- Urinary Stones

Case Study- Urinary Stones

Neil Stuttle

Ziggy is an active 7 year old Bichon Frise who's owner brought him into the clinic after noticing him urinating more often than usual but only being able to pass small amounts of blood tinged urine. He also seemed in pain and was not his usual bouncy self.  We gave Ziggy a full examination which revealed multiple large urinary stones present in his bladder and urethra. 

With such a high number of stones and the size of some of them, surgery was needed. Ziggy was given a general anaesthetic and a catheter was used to flush the stones back into the bladder.  A "cystotomy" was performed which involves a surgical approach to enter the abdomen and isolation of the bladder which essentially is like a small balloon filled with water.  An incision was made into the bladder and the stones removed. The bladder and abdomen was then sutured closed.  Ziggy recovered from the surgery well and immediately begin urinating more normally

Post surgery, the urinary stones were analysed and were revealed to be a type known as calcium oxalate.  These are a less common type of urinary stone and have to be managed with a specific urinary diet to prevent recurrence. Ziggy is enjoying his new food and is well down the road to making a full recovery.


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