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Importance of Cats Drinking Water

Importance of Cats Drinking Water

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With summer approaching, it is important to make sure your cat has a fresh water supply available at all times.  Cats are not very good drinkers and partly as a result of this are susceptible to lower urinary tract inflammation or, even worse, kidney insufficiency which can lead to kidney failure. 

Overall they like water, it is just the way it gets served that bothers them and so they avoid drinking because the presentation is just not up to their standards.

In a simpler way, our pet cats are like small tigers. They prefer to drink away from their prey (cat food), and most definitely away from their toileting area. Research shows that cats drink more water if their water bowl is positioned away from their feeding bowl and also some cats prefer running water (just like tigers going to the rivers  or waterfalls) over a dish.

The dish should be filled up daily (twice a day in hot summer days) with fresh water, ideally all the way to the top, so the mini tigers don't have to touch their whiskers while they drink. They want to drink from ceramic, glass or stainless steel. They do not like plastic.

Drinking water fountains are very popular option for many cats, they can be purchased at the vet clinic or petshop and once plugged in they provide constant running water, which is in every feline's eye “a must have ".

Cats should roughly drink around 50ml/kg/24h of water. Some part of this amount will come from soft/wet diet but the rest we need to encourage them to drink.

Next time when you see your cat drinking from your bed side table glass, tap, or a puddle, see if you could set up "drinking station" for them in your house, away from food.

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