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Ideal Weight Benefits

Sam Burrows 

The case of an overweight pet visiting the vet clinic is an all too common theme. Furthermore, the majority are visiting for health reasons that could be prevented if these animals were at their ideal weight.

The ideal weight isn’t a new concept, and with modern diets scientifically formulated for your pet, it is now easier than ever to firstly help your pet achieve this ideal weight, maintain it, and reap the benefits. Such benefits of a healthy weight and balanced diet include:

  • longer lifespan, studies have shown that obese animals live up to 3 years less than their healthy companions, so if anything why not extend the life of your family friend
  • Fewer health problems are seen in healthy weight animals, including diabetes, liver and kidney failure and joint problems, where the risk of developing these is reduced. Overweight pets are much more prone to arthritis late in life due to periods of carrying extra weight and bearing more stress on the joints.
  • Healthy skin is another benefit associated with having your pet at the ideal weight. Overweight animals tend to have poorer circulation, which can lead to impaired skin defenses thus greater incidence of dandruff, skin allergies and a dry rough coat.

In terms of the cost alone, keeping your pet at the ideal weight is much cheaper than an overweight pet, through reduced vet visits and vet bills. In the long term it is a marathon not a sprint to get your animal to the ideal weight, so consider the long term benefits rather than the short, and think of the enjoyment it will bring when this member of your family is present for longer, living a healthier life.

For any advice or questions of the concept of the ideal weight and the benefits, please have a chat to any of our staff.

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