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May 2020 Vet News

May 2020 Vet News


Welcome to a world first: an electronic

version of our Vet News.


The Covid response has forced all sorts of changes for our business and yours, so this move to an email newsletter is just another change, but not likely a permanent one. We’ve been busy in ways we never imagined and with some staff working from home, people having to work in teams (“bubbles”, if you like) and with less face-to-face options, we have had to do lots of things differently. We hope that you enjoy the articles in here.


We also hope to see you again on farm a bit more soon, as the country moves from “essential only” processes at Level 4 to safe work practices at Level 3. We are mindful of the opportunity we have to play our part in keeping the wheels turning for NZ and we appreciate that you have been happy to stick to the essentials so far. The change from next week will open up some additional work opportunities for more routine work on farms but we will all need to maintain high standards of hygiene and keep our distances. It’ll be good to catch up in person, even if it is across the bonnet or across the race!


Richard Hilson                                                                       Managing Director, BVSc


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Friday 24th of April 2020

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