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Introducing VS Equine

Introducing VS Equine




Introducing VS Equine

Dedicated to delivering a quality equine focused veterinary service across the wider Hawkes Bay and Tararua regions.

Vet Services Hawke’s Bay is proud to be a locally owned business which has provided over 70 years of trusted animal care in the Hawke’s Bay region. 

Today, Vet Services has five locally owned and operated veterinary clinics, and employs a team of over one hundred vets and support staff. Their large team of veterinarians share a mission to meet the demands of the community, providing excellent and trusted care for farm, lifestyle and companion animals.

With the growth of equestrian sport in the Hawke’s Bay area, Vet Services have found there is an increasing demand for equine focused health care. To meet these demands, Vet Services have initiated a new VS Equine division, dedicated to delivering a quality equine focused veterinary service within their five existing mixed practice vet clinics which make up Vet Services Hawke’s Bay, Dannevirke, and Masterton.

The combined skills of five equine veterinarians across the wider Hawke's Bay and Tararua regions can be utilised to create a more comprehensive veterinary service for both the client and horses' benefit.
VS Equine will cater all types, from ponies through to elite performance and breeding horses. Our talented and experience veterinary team are dedicated to equine work and supported by Vet Services Hawke's Bay and Dannevirke's large mixed practice teams. 

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Unusual Hind Limb Gait Abnormalities

Stringhalt, shivers, fibrotic myopathy, upward patella fixation, and rupture of the peroneus tertius muscle are all conditions of the hind leg in the horse that cause very specific, atypical type lameness and gait abnormalities. 
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Wolf Teeth
Approximately 70% of horses will develop wolf teeth. If the front edges of these teeth are sharp, pain avoidance behaviours such as head tossing, rearing and bolting may result. It is often quite dramatic to see the change in behaviour on the bit after these worrisome teeth are removed.
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To celebrate the launch of VS Equine we are giving away a whopping $500 to spend at your local saddlery store.

For your chance to win follow our Facebook Page, like the competition post, and comment where you would spend your $500 gift voucher. Bonus entries will be given to those who tag a friend in their comment. 

T&Cs apply. Additional spot prizes to be won, including umbrellas, caps, and first aid kits. Winners will be announced on Facebook 25/09/20.Visit our website to find out more

Tuesday 1st of September 2020

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