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Congratulations to our Laugh it off winners!

Congratulations to our Laugh it off winners!
Cleo and her café table misadventure has won her owners a luxurious 2-night stay at Clifton Glamping, and hamper filled with some of our favourite goodies! Cleo won’t go without her own prize, she will be given a complete spring pack including Hills Science Diet dog food, Yours Droolly treats, a Seresto Collar protecting her against fleas for up to 8 months, Drontal allwormer, and lots more. Read Cleo's story below.

"Hi, my name is Cleo. My mummy once tied my lead to a table outside a cafe. When she went to order her coffee I moved a bit and the table dragged across the concrete...the noise scared the crap out of me! I panicked and ran for my life! I dragged the table through the car park and put on quite a show! Up ahead there was a gap between two parked cars so I ran for it! The table wedged between the two vehicles and my lead snapped. Freedom at last! I raced across the busy road managing to dodge traffic and after that I disappeared for 24 hours. The rest is all a bit of a blur and all I remember after a night on my own was waking up and finding myself roaming Omahu road where dog control picked me up and took me to the pound until my mum could come and get me. Apparently my mum, the owner of the cafe and my Mums friends searched for hours that day and night."

Our runner up was Echo and Catherine Leijen. Echo will be sorted for spring with her cat prize pack, including a Teepee Pet Bed, Blackhawk cat food, a Seresto Collar protecting her against fleas for up to 8 months, Profender allwormer, Cat Pep, toys and lots more!

Natasha Parkins has won a Nexgard Spectra 3 pack for Kaia, Gaylene Clement and Kate Rouse both won a 12Kg bag of Hills Science Diet for their troublemakers, Sian Fendall's labradoodle will be protected against fleas for the next 8 months with her new Seresto Collar, Claire Smiths dogs will enjoy a whopping 15kg bag of BlackHawk dog food, and Rachel Diffey's cat will enjoy a Teepee Pet Bed and Cat Pep supplements. 

A huge thank you to all of you who entered. We enjoyed hearing about your cheeky pets and laughing their embarrassing stories off together. 

We have a few more goodies to give away so keep your eyes peeled for your chance to win on your clinics Facebook page.

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Friday 11th of September 2020

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