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Veronika Pipe

Veronika is our companion animal veterinarian and joined Vet Services in 2016. After many years in Christchurch she and her family moved back to Hawke's Bay where her husband originates from.

She loves all aspects of her job - all pets great and small. She particularly enjoys building good relationships with her pet customers ( too many treats :-) right from their first visit as well as providing exceptional communication with their owners. 

After a short study break to have her two wee boys she is hoping to continue working towards her Master of Veterinary Medicine Degree. She has passed papers in Small Animal Oncology and Clinical Pathology to date. 

In the little spare time that she has Veronika can be found in the garden or out on her  bike. Her pets Kumi and Lupi are both ex Christchurch SPCA residents, now loving the Hawke's Bay climate.