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Canine Semen Freezing & Reproduction

Veterinary Services HB Ltd, serving the lower North Island in canine breeding services.

Our Aim: To be as committed to your dog’s breeding success as you are.

Services Available:

  • Artificial Insemination - Transcervical or Surgical Insemination of both fresh and frozen dog semen
  • Chilled Extended Semen - Collection and processing of chilled extended dog semen for transportation within NZ
  • Semen Freezing and Storage - Freezing and storage for future use or International transport
  • Fertility Assessment - Examination and treatment of difficult breeders
  • Semen Export/Import - Assisting with International shipment of semen


Dr Stuart Badger, an experienced Veterinary Practitioner, leads our canine reproductive team. Stuart has undergone study and training in canine reproduction in Australia, USA, Canada and Europe over the last 20 years.


Stuart has trained in the World Famous "Camelot Farms" semen freezing system and he introduced it to NZ in 2003. This system has totally revolutionised the lucrative Greyhound Racing Industry worldwide over the last 25 years. Camelot Frozen Semen is used in 70% of Greyhound matings in the USA and each year it consistently achieves 90% conception rates over very large numbers of dogs (over 4000 matings in USA Greyhounds in 2004 alone). These results consistently far exceed conception rates achieved by other methods of semen freezing and are also achievable in kennel club breeds.

Our Experience:

Since we introduced the "Camelot Farms" Semen Freezing System to New Zealand in 2003 we have achieved 89% conception rate in over 440 bitches using the Camelot Farms pelleted semen method. This combined with litter sizes averaging 6.8 pups per litter confirm to us that the "Camelot Farms" Canine Preservation System is quite simply the best in the world.

Networking & Marketing:

With good contacts to experienced Reproductive Veterinarians in Australia and further afield we are well placed to assist you in exporting and importing semen.


If you are interested contact Dr Stuart Badger: 

  • Ph 06 8767001
  • Fax 068767000 

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