CHB Farmers Veterinary Club

The CHB Farmers Veterinary club was established in 1949.

Until then there was no professional Vet Practice in Central Hawke’s Bay. The (CHB) area was serviced by a private practitioner based in Hastings who travelled down to the more serious cases and a local chemist took care of the lesser problems.

In order to have Vets it was required that you have a club of which a large proportion of farmers in the district were members. The original clinic was built on Mt Herbert Road. In 1972, it was decided that the premises were too small and in 1973 the section where the Vet Club is today was purchased. Work began on building the new clinic in December 1973.

The purpose of the club is to provide Vet Services with a clinic to operate from.

The club members own and maintain the clinic with Vet Services leasing it from them. Members pay a subscription to Vet Services and in return they receive discounts for their Veterinary requirements. This makes for an excellent partnership, first the club members receiving first class vet service and secondly Vet Services having a modern spacious clinic.

At present, there are 500 plus members. Club members on average receive 3.5 times their money back on their subscription.

The Club has executive committee with a representative from each area of CHB that meet quarterly.

The Current Executive is as Follows:

President                          Paul Robottom (Onga)

Vice President                  Rob Malcolm (Dairy)     

Committee:                       Nicola Bousfield (Porangahau)

                                             Sam Duncan (Elsthorpe)

                                             Strat Giblin (Hatuma)

                                             Simon Foster (Otane)     

                                             Conon Kynoch (Takapau/Ashley Clinton)

                                             Theo Twist (Tikokino/Argyle)

                                             Ed Bell (Omakere)

Secretary:                          Hamish Grant 

Senior Veterinarian:       Camille Flack

Club Member Benefits:

  • Vet Services Hawke’s Bay offer a 20% discount on all mileage charged to the club members property.
  • Vet Services Hawke’s Bay offer up to 20% incentive discount on veterinary fees charged.

The current minimum call out fee is $90.00, members are offered a 20% discount on this.

The collection of the discount is automatic if the account is paid by the 20th month following invoice – the discount is automatically lost if account lapses into an overdue status.

The cost of these benefits to the client is $100.00 plus gst per year.

If you require any further information on our services please do not hesitate to contact the CHB Farmers Veterinary Club’s sectary, Hamish Grant (06) 858 9060.