Farm Plans

Vet Services Farm Plans are designed to provide veterinary support in order to meet your animal health, production and sustainability goals. 

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Available Plans for your farm



An annual parasite management plan for your farm will help ensure best practice parasite control. Our vets will cover all the important events for fly, worm and lice and include farm policies on quarantine practices, monitoring, drench checks and drench resistance testing.  

What does the plan include?
  • One initial vet parasite management plan visit 
  • One vet parasite management plan follow up 
  • Two larval culture lab sample tests
  • 20x faecal egg count tests and tracking reports



Drench resistance is the silent, slow onset profit killer. It starts out costing you 5gram/day and builds up over time. You can farm successfully with drench resistance if we know what we are dealing with and develop a parasite management plan specific to your farming conditions.

Our vets can help get you started by setting up a Faecal Egg Count Reduction Test (FECRT). The purpose of FECRT’s is to compare the change in the number of parasites in your animals FEC before drenching (or with no drenching), with the FEC at 10 days after drenching. The result is reported as the percentage that the egg count has been reduced. 

What does this plan include?
  • Consultation for initial faecal egg count (FEC) samples
  • Follow up visit for 10 day post drench FEC samples 
  • Vet consultation and comprehensive report (approx. 30min to discuss your results).
Facial Eczema 2


Facial eczema is a disease affecting sheep, cattle and alpacas, and is caused by a toxin called sporidesmin.  Sporidesmin is produced by the spores of the fungus Pithomyces chartarum growing on pasture. The fungus grows in the base of pasture in warm moist conditions found in summer/early autumn.  

When ingested the spores damage the animal’s liver which can result in poor reproductive performance, reduced growth rates and in dairy cows a noticeable drop in milk production. 

Our Facial Eczema Management Plan will help reduce the risk for your stock.


What does this plan include?
  • 24x pasture samples for spore count testing throughout the season
  • Weekly facial eczema risk tracking report
  • 15x blood test for GGT (liver check)
  • Annual vet report
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The good old saying ‘two heads are better than one’ could not be truer when it comes to putting your business plan together. Vet Services production animal team have consultants trained with Farmax who can offer you veterinary support and professional advice when revising your farm plan. We can set you up with a Farmax file ensuring you get the most out of this complex tool.
What does the Farm Consultancy Package include?
  • Farmax subscription and set up consultation
  • Physical benchmarking and financial analysis
  • 3x comprehensive vet consultations (approx. 3 hours)
  • Monthly Farmax model updates
What is Farmax? 
Farmax is an extremely powerful computer based planning tool that allows sheep and beef, dairy and deer farmers to pull together a range of factors such as pasture type and growth rate; supplementary feeding; stock type, weight, numbers and breeding policies, and shows you the outcome, or forecast, of different scenarios when you change what you are doing.
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Vet Services work closely with farmers and breeders to improve animal health and genetic performance. 

A Genetics Audit can help you make informed decisions when making a change to the genetics on your farm.

What does this audit include?
  • Two genetics phone calls to discuss your current genetics on farm, goals and how to achieve them.
  • One genetics technical report to support your genetic performance.


Designed to ensure your livestock system goals are met while your animals receive the best practice preventative health measures to optimise efficiency and value. Our vets will work closely with you for optimal growth rates, ewe performance and lamb survival. 
What does this plan include?
  • 10x selenium blood tests, three times of the year
  • 10x B12 blood tests, twice a year 
  • Sheep performance vet report 
  • Ewe lamb replacement weight monitoring visit
  • Ewe body condition scoring and reporting three times a year
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Our vets will work closely with you to identify your performance goals and to develop a performance plan tailored to your farming enterprise. 

What does this plan include?

  • 10x liver biopsy testing for copper and selenium, twice per year
  • Four replacement heifer weight monitoring visits throughout the year 
  • Two body condition scoring visits throughout the year 
  • One annual vet report