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Napier Clinic Grand Opening

Sunday 10 September 2023

Our Napier community were invited to take a peek behind the scenes and to explore our state-of-the-art facilities to discover how we keep your furry friends healthy and happy.

Such a fantastic day! Thank you to everyone who visited us to celebrate our new clinic.

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Cyclone Charity T20 Match 

On Friday 31 March, a brave bunch of vets, farmers, and local legends unleashed the power of the mullet as they took on the Hawkes Bay Magpies in the ultimate charity T20 cricket match.

We had a fantastic afternoon at Nelson Park. We really couldn’t have asked for better weather, had a great turnout, watched some really good and entertaining cricket, and everyone seemed to leave with a smile on their face. Especially the Mullets who won the T20 by 23 runs! 

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Vet Services Community Day 

On Saturday 4 March we invited the community to come and take a breather while they explored behind the scenes to check out everything our Waipukurau clinic has to offer.

Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)
With A/Prof Dr Ben Sykes 
Ben Sykes is the world leading expert on Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) who is actively changing the way we think, treat, prevent, and manage EGUS in our horses.
Get in touch if you would like to find out more or book a gastroscope for your horse. 

Waipukurau Clinic Opening

In late 2022 the CHB Farmers Vet Club, Building Committee and local Mayor Alex Walker officially opened the Waipukurau clinic following extensive renovations. 

The building project has been a massive undertaking for the Club with the first plans started in 2014! 

Renovations to the building include an extension to the retail section, an extension and refurbishment to our companion animal clinic, staff facilities, meeting rooms, and an incredible facelift to the outside of the building to modernise the buildings look, feel and experience for members and clients.

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Puppy Pre-School Christmas Walk & Catch up 

At the end of each year we invite our Puppy Pre-School graduates to a special Christmas catch up and walk. Join us for spot prizes, training tip and exclusive discounts. 

Find out more about Puppy Pre-School here.

Eyes Wide Open

What does the future of the NZ wool industry look like?

Rising costs of using the woolshed and the declining prices of strong wool has made the future of wool a point of discussion at every level of the farming business. 

Presentations from Vet Services, Woolchemy, Bremworth, Campaign for Wool, Focus Genetics, Massey University, NZ Merino, CP Wool, Ag First and more.

Lloyd Smith Training Workshop

Lloyd Smith is one of NZ’s best known and successful sheep dog trialists with a highly respected training style which has proven popular up and down the country.
Lloyd visited us for an informative workshop in April 2021. He spent the morning demonstrating  training techniques with his own dogs, including young pup training.

Winter Working Dog Seminar

Working dogs are an asset to any farmer and are becoming an increasingly large investment. The lifetime value of a useful working dog is estimated to be $40,000 with dogs fulfilling roles other staff cannot replace.

With this in mind, as the temperature drops and we make sure we have enough firewood and warm socks for ourselves this winter, take a second to think about your team of dogs too. Clients joined us for an informative working dog seminar with a few simple ways to keep dogs healthy and warm during winter.

a black and white cow standing in a grassy field

Growing Youngstock Seminar

In March 2023 Vet Services ran an informative seminar all about getting excellent dairy heifers.

Special Guest, Sue Macky is a veterinarian who has worked worldwide with high performing dairy farmers. Sue is passionate about growing dairy heifers to reach their potential in the herd. She has particular expertise in the management of high producing dairy cows, the adaptations of the principles of Total Mixed Rations (T.M.R) to pasture based systems, dairy genetics, and the comfort, health and welfare of modern dairy cows.

In the seminar covered

  • The “why”, including financial implications of meeting growth targets
  • Practical “how-to” tips

Spring First Aid Seminar

An annual refresher on how to handle all of those tricky Spring situations.

Topics include:

  • Calving
  • Downer cows
  • Metabolic issues
  • Mastitis

Get in touch with your local clinic to find out more.

Calf Rearing Seminar

Join Vet Services annual Calf Rearing seminar for a refresher on getting your calves off to the best start.

Topics include;

  • Environment and shelter
  • Colostrum Management
  • Nutrition up to weaning and beyond
  • Scours and other health issues.