Wellness Plans

Dog Wellness Plans

Annual Plans for all life stages.


Dog Wellness Plans


Our Wellness Plans have been designed to give your dog the very best care while spreading the costs over the year.

Each package includes preventative veterinary care, annual vaccinations, a year’s supply of flea and worm treatments, exclusive discounts on food and routine health checks to help your dog live a full, happy life.

Adult Dog Plan

$ 90
Per Month
  • Health Check with Vet
  • De sexing
  • Annual Vaccinations
  • Worm & Flea Treatments
  • Discounts on Food
  • Unlimited Nurse Visits
  • Unlimited Nail Trims
  • Unlimited Anal Gland Expressions
  • 20% off Dental Procedures
  • 10% off Laboratory Tests
  • 10% off Retail
  • + More!

Puppy Plan

$ 54
58 Per Month*
  • Health Check with Vet
  • 2x Core Vaccinations
  • Microchip & NZ Database Registration
  • Worm & Flea Treatments
  • Discounts on Puppy Food
  • Six Weeks Free Insurance
  • Unlimited Nurse Visits
  • Unlimited Nail Trims
  • Puppy Pre-School**
  • Desexing Surgery**
  • 10% off Retail
  • + more!

Senior Dog

$ 68
75 Per Month
  • Health Check with Vet
  • Annual Vaccination
  • Pentosan programme (with up to 8 treatments over 12 months)
  • Early Detection Blood & Urine Testing
  • Worm & Flea Treatments
  • Unlimited Nurse Visits
  • Unlimited Anal Gland Expressions
  • Unlimited Nail Trims
  • 20% off Dental Procedures
  • 10% off all Retail Products

How does it work?

How often will i need to pay?

A direct debit will be set up with your bank so that regular instalments will be made without you having to lift a finger!

You will be offered two payment options when setting your annual wellness plan up.

  • monthly payments
  • Once-off annual payment 

AfterPay is available on annual payments – in clinic only

What Products are included?

We have carefully selected a range of healthcare products for our wellness plans. Different plans offer different products to suit your pet. These may include;

  • A range of vet recommended parasite treatments including Nexgard Spectra, Milpro, and Drontal
  • Pentosan is a treatment for arthritis which helps heal damaged joints and offers immediate pain relief.
  • BomaZeal Cat-Pep is a palatable tablet for cats which can help improve joint mobility, improve condition and enhance general wellbeing.

Will i be eligable for further discounts?

Yes! Clients on Annual Wellness Plans receive exclusive discounts. Depending on the plan you sign up to these may include;

  • Exclusive discounts for on premium food brands Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Royal Canin, and Blackhawk for all pets on a wellness plan. Excludes working dog foods.
  •  20% off dental procedures
  • 10% off in house blood testing
  • 10% off all retail products in store 

Whats the difference between a Wellness Plan and PEt Insurance?

Wellness plans are designed to help you spread the cost of your pet’s routine health care and, unlike pet insurance, you’ll only pay for the treatments and services you use. 

Your pets wellness plan will be tailored to their individual needs and the life-stage preventative veterinary care they require.

Your wellness plan does not cover the cost of unplanned emergency care or illness treatments. 

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