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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Kathryn Sigvertsen BSc, BVSc

Many people know the importance of insuring their items, their house or car, even their own health.  Fortunately we are also able to insure pets, for not only medical and surgical care but in some cases routine visits can be covered (including vaccinations and wellness checks/blood tests).  Like any insurance, the hope is that you won’t need it, but when you do you’ll be glad you had it!  There are several different providers and each has their own policy types, terms and conditions.  Most have a range of covers starting at a basic level of care, covering surgery or accidents only, to a comprehensive plan which covers everything including routine preventative health care.  Premiums vary depending on the plan type and the species or breed of animal being covered, and whether full cover is required or partial payment (for example insurance can cover 80% or 100% of the fee).

Having the back-up of pet insurance allows your vet to fully investigate and/or treat health problems without having to cut corners due to financial constraints.  It can be difficult to not be able to perform some critical tests, or be limited with treatment options when faced with a seriously ill family pet.  Just as with human medicine, there are many advanced options available, including CT and MRI, advanced orthopaedics (such as hip replacements), and new innovative medical treatments.   Although most conditions can be managed within the clinic there are times when referral to another facility or a specialist is required, for intensive testing or treatment which can become very expensive.  If a pet is insured this can reduce the financial burden on the owner so this referral can become a possibility, therefore allowing the beloved furry family member to live a longer life than ever before.

For more information about pet insurance, and for some free puppy or kitten cover, speak to one of the staff at Vet Services.

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