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At Vet Services we can offer small holding owners a wide range of services, products and equipment to make your life "on the farm" more enjoyable.

We offer a range of services to lifestyle owners and their animals. These include:

Advice on "farm" setup including yard design, general medicine and surgery of all species, advice on nutrition and parasite control and provide emergency services.

  • Alpacas: Castration, regular treatments including tooth maintenance, vaccinations, drenches, vitamin injections, medical and surgical treatments as required including orthopaedics, ultrasound, pregnancy diagnonsis using the latest equipment available, general management advise including breeding programmes.
  • Pigs: Ringing noses, castration, general medicine.
  • Cattle: AI programmes with semen available. Calf debudding and castration with appropriate pain relief, mature cattle dehorning, and castration.
  • Sheep & Goats: Castration, tailing, debudding and vaccination.

Equipment is available for hire including cow slings, hip clamps, drench guns etc. We offer a full range of products in small pack sizes suitable for small holding owners.

No problem too small. Come on in and we would love to help.

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