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At Vet Services we are lucky to have a large proportion of our canine patients being farm working dogs. Huntaways and heading dogs tend to be well mannered (though often reluctant to walk on lino flooring...) and physically fit; and the dogs (and their owners) are always keen to return to full employment. The nature of the job, plus a few breed traits, do mean we see a number of common - and often preventable - health issues. A recent survey (of over 2500 working dog vet visits) by the Massey-based Centre for Service and Working Dog Health confirmed the trends that we see here.

The most common problem is traumatic injury. Dog fights, kicks or trampling by cattle, vehicle injuries, or getting caught in fences or gates are the leading causes. Prevention will never be 100% attainable but, as always, looking at underlying causes can help.

Other health issues that affect all dogs also need to be kept in mind, for example heat stress (especially young dogs working on a very hot day), reproductive issues (whelping, infected uterus, mastitis), lumps and cancers, poisonings (ratbait, possum bait, slug bait, sheep dip, calf pellets).

Basic care like clean, fresh water in the kennels, and good quality food should go without saying if you expect the best from your workers.

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