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Richard McKenzie


Richard has worked for Vet Services Hawkes Bay since 1989 when he arrived for a three month locum and stayed for three years.

This was followed by a four year stint in the UK working in mixed and equine practices in Suffolk, Essex, Kent, Dorset and Guernsey which cemented his interest in equine work.

As luck would have it a position was available back in Hastings on his return and he rejoined Hastings and since has progressed as a shareholder and director in the company.

From this mixed start in veterinary practice, now 90% of his day is involved with horses of all sizes and disciplines. He has developed an interest in the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry, which keeps him busy at home as well as at work. But as yet his “Sunline” has not come in ……

He has interests in performance horses and equine lameness (especially radiography) as well as reproduction.

And outside of work his kids and following his partner and horses around racetracks take up most of his time but he enjoys swimming, fishing  and surfing (albeit fair-weather these days) as well an armchair critic on rugby, racing and beer.