black fly on white surface

Flystrike Warning

  The weather conditions are ripe for getting flystruck sheep. Flystrike is a devastating disease that starts with flies laying eggs in an area the size of a 5cent piece in the fleece of the sheep. The maggot larvae that hatch from the eggs then start eating skin tissue, which attracts more flies to lay…


Happy New Year! The Vet Services team are now taking bookings for pregnancy scanning in cows and heifers. Pregnancy scanning has many advantages when understanding your herd’s reproduction performance and planning ahead for the season. The earliest times for accurate testing following bull withdrawal is 49 days, this is especially important for ageing or identifying…

Lifestyle Block Services

Vet Services offer personalised lifestyle block veterinary services to small block owners across Hawkes Bay.  These services include emergency veterinary care, annual animal health plans, preventative care, educational workshops and technician assistance with routine drenching, vaccinations, bolusing and foot trimming to keep your animals happy and healthy.   Contact to find out more.