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Working Dog Run 2021

It is that time of year again – time for your team of working dog’s to have their annual health check examination and vaccination. Once again, we are doing this at a discounted rate. This is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have with your working dogs health.  



Wolf teeth are technically known as the first premolar teeth in horses.  They usually erupt into the mouth at between five and twelve months of age, but do not continue to grow or erupt into the mouth as do the rest of the cheek teeth.  It has been estimated that approximately seventy percent of horses…


Winter Feeding Seminar & BBQ

We are hosting a series of seminars around the topic of winter feeding and setting your farm up for spring performance. Our vets will talk about lambing in tough feed times, winter feeding of cattle, and some of the winter animal health issues to watch out for. The seminar will be followed by a free BBQ &…


When being cuddly is not cute…

Much like the human population, companion animals are becoming increasingly overweight. In New Zealand the statistics are alarmingly high and a significant proportion of the patients we see on a day to day basis are overweight. Why should we care and why not just embrace our fuller-bodied pets? A concept that has in the past…


What’s the itch?

I am allergic. My skin’s inflamed and itchy. Take me to my vet! We can help you to work out what is causing the itching – is it fleas, contact allergies, food, airborne allergies, hormonal issue effecting the skin, bacterial or fungal infection? Subtle differences may be diagnostic. What do allergies in pets look like?…


white long coat small dog

What to do if your pet is constipated?

Constipation is an obstruction of the colon with difficulty to pass dry, hard and firm faeces.  Obstipation is a severe obstruction with an inability to defaecate at all.  Clinical signs are:   Straining to defaecate and/or defaecating small amounts of dry hard firm stool Straining with small amounts of liquid stool Occasional vomiting and not…


What are the signs of heatstroke?

Dogs do not perspire the way humans do; in fact, the only sweat glands that they have are on the pads of their feet. Dogs pant to cool themselves. If the surrounding air is not considerably cooler than the animals’ body temperature – as in the case of a hot, stuffy automobile – the cooling…


Urinary Tract Disorders – Neil Stuttle

Urinary tract disorders are very common in cats and dogs and are a regular part of our case load here at VSHB. The urinary tract system enables the production of urine to eliminate metabolic waste products, storage of urine and then the appropriate emptying of urine. The urinary tract itself is divided into the upper…