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Knowing your drench status.

Drench Resistance is the number one animal health issue facing farmers and their vets in the sheep & beef industry. We are very concerned – here’s why • We have no new tools in the box to tackle this issue. No new knowledge, no new drench families, and we have to work with what we…


Guidelines for use of long acting anthelmintics in sheep: pre-lamb

While long acting anthelmintics have a role in the management of parasites in lambing ewes and the subsequent levels of pasture contamination, their use contributes to the onset and extent of anthelmintic resistance. With growing concern over the number of farms in NZ now showing clinical and subclinical issues with anthelmintic resistance, the following should be considered…


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Facial Eczema Monitor – 26 March 2021

Regional average spore counts are around the 25,000 mark, with hotspots across the region, indicating the risk is not over yet. One of the sites on Ocean Beach Road is still 115,000. Best advice is to monitor the spore counts on your pastures to assess risk more accurately. Hastings Results  Waipukurau Results     Further…


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Parasite Management Strategies

  Monitor drenches used on farm annually by completing a faecal egg count check at 10 days after drenching. Do this for each different drench family that you use during the season. Try to complete as early in the season as possible.   Quarantine drench: On arrival at the farm, drench all stock with a…


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Facial Eczema Monitor – 19 March

Waipukurau After a slight increase due to warm rain a few weeks ago the counts have dropped again, and with cooler nights the spore counts are expected to remain in this mid-low zone.  We still have some potential for warm weather for another month or so but it is the night-time temperatures that are needed…


Regional Roundup…

An update from each of the Vet Services Regions. WAIPUKURAU Camille Flack, Production Animal Veterinarian Group Leader We start the year quite differently compared to this time last year. Last year the first cases of Covid-19 were being confirmed in New Zealand and we were starting to get concerned about the dry. This year while…


Sheep Reproduction Services

  VSHB are involved in some large artificial breeding programmes such as the release of breed such as Finnish Landrace, the Texel, the Awassi and the East Friesian and work closely with individual New Zealand breeders with AI/ET programmes for advancement of superior genetics.   In the last 12 months (despite Covid-19) we successfully Implanted…


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Sheep Scanning

Sheep Scanning is used to ascertain whether or not a sheep is pregnant (“wet” vs “dry”, known as WD) and/or how many lambs she is carrying (single vs twin vs triplet, known as TSD or Triplets). We strongly encourage investing in pregnancy scanning as the scanning data allows you to maximise your flock performance with…