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Transition management of the dairy cow

Naomi Barrett, Vet Services Dannevirke  The transition period for a dairy cow is recognised as the interval extending from three weeks prior to three week after calving. These weeks are the most critically important period of the year for a cow, as her body undergoes significant physiological changes. In the space of only a few…


Looking after your working dogs in winter

Working dogs are an asset to any farmer and are becoming an increasingly large investment. The lifetime value of a useful working dog is estimated to be $40,000 with dogs fulfilling roles other staff cannot replace. With this in mind, as the temperature drops and we make sure we have enough firewood and warm socks…


Make Drenching Count

Farmers should target worm control in cattle at young animals and use oral drenches as long as they can. Article by Sara Sutherland, Vet Services Wairarapa. Sheep and cattle systems have some subtle differences with respect to drenches and drenching. For example, worm species are (mostly) different, the availability of pour-on drenches for cattle, the…


A paralysed dog learns to walk again

A paralysed dog has managed to defy the odds and learn how to walk again, thanks to the persistence of her owners and the team at Vet Services Waipukurau. It’s believed that Kaz, a nine-year-old heading dog, was kicked by a deer during a busy day on the farm. At first her owner thought Kaz…


black cow on green grass field during daytime

Bulls – Keep your eyes peeled!

With our scanning equipment all but back on the shelf for another season we’ve had a little time recently to reflect on another year of cattle pregnancy results and follow up on some of the more disappointing outcomes. Whilst there are potentially many factors involved in a poor scanning result, bull failure is undeniably one…


Vet Services Purchase Sheep Conveyor Business

Vet Services are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired HB Sheep Handling Services, a sheep conveyor, mobile shower dipping and jetting business. Vet Services are very proud of our long standing and close involvement with the sheep industry. When the opportunity arose to purchase HB Sheep Handling from Waipukurau local James Tennent, we…


herd of sheep on green grass field during daytime

Pneumonia in Lambs

It’s that time of year when we get phone calls about coughing lambs and ways, we can help to treat animals at the time. Unfortunately, pneumonia in lambs is very difficult to treat once symptoms have occurred, so the best treatment is prevention! Pneumonia in young sheep can be caused by a number of different…


Nitrate Poisoning

Too hot to handle Crops are an integral part of many systems, supplying supplementary feed when pasture covers get tight during autumn and winter. Unfortunately, nothing in life is ever that simple with many of the popular choices for crop being higher risk for nitrate accumulation, placing us between a rock and a hard place…


Sheep scanning 2022

BOOKING FORM AT BOTTOM OF PAGE Last year we were surprised by our results due to the condition of our ewes. Scanning last year many people were surprised by the performance of their flock considering the condition the ewes were in at the time of scanning. On the back of the drought many ewe flocks…


two white cows during daytime

Common Diseases in Weaned Calves

Weaning is one of the most stressful event a calf will go through, which is why it can be the period when we see many disease related issues as the associated stress leads to immune compromise. Young cattle at weaning may also be going from a situation of being regularly observed to a less intensive…