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Ila’s weightloss journey

Ila has a new lease on life after loosing 2.5kg since December 2020!   This 12 year old pooch and her dedicated owners have been working with our nursing team over the last 10 months to make small changes to her lifestyle to help her loose weight and manage her arthritis. As a result she…


Knowing your drench status.

Drench Resistance is the number one animal health issue facing farmers and their vets in the sheep & beef industry. We are very concerned – here’s why • We have no new tools in the box to tackle this issue. No new knowledge, no new drench families, and we have to work with what we…


Our services at Alert Level 4

  Well, that was a big surprise! Going to Level 4 at 6.00pm last night has meant we have to change the way we operate to ensure we comply with Covid-19 government regulations. The good news is we have been through this before and have social distancing protocols in place to keep our staff, clients…


Working Dogs

Working dogs are an asset to any farmer and are becoming an increasingly large investment. The lifetime value of a useful working dog is estimated to be $40,000 with dogs fulfilling roles other staff cannot replace. With this in mind it is important to provide the best care to allow dogs to reach their full…


Working Dog Run 2021

It is that time of year again – time for your team of working dog’s to have their annual health check examination and vaccination. Once again, we are doing this at a discounted rate. This is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have with your working dogs health.


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Raw Diets

Raw diets are meat-based diets (including bones and offal) that have not been cooked, this includes foods that have been frozen, dehydrated or freeze-dried. Recently these diets have gained popularity among pet owners who are hoping to provide a more natural option for their beloved companion. Although these diets may be marketed as a better…


Guidelines for use of long acting anthelmintics in sheep: pre-lamb

While long acting anthelmintics have a role in the management of parasites in lambing ewes and the subsequent levels of pasture contamination, their use contributes to the onset and extent of anthelmintic resistance. With growing concern over the number of farms in NZ now showing clinical and subclinical issues with anthelmintic resistance, the following should be considered…


Winter Feeding Seminar & BBQ

We are hosting a series of seminars around the topic of winter feeding and setting your farm up for spring performance. Our vets will talk about lambing in tough feed times, winter feeding of cattle, and some of the winter animal health issues to watch out for. The seminar will be followed by a free BBQ &…


Doggy Donor saves young Rhodesian Ridgeback’s Life

Whisky was admitted in a critical condition earlier this month after eating a significant amount of rat bait. Upon arrival the 11-month-old ridgeback was lethargic, pale, coughing softly and refusing to eat or drink. He didn’t improve with initial treatments and urgently needed a lifesaving blood transfusion. Basil, a 7-year-old greyhound came to the rescue…


Slug Bait Toxicity Warning

Slug bait (metaldehyde) can be fatal to dogs.  They are attracted to it so it needs to be locked away, even being on a high shelf dogs will seek it out or scavenge if it gets knocked off.  Signs of poisoning range from slight muscle twitches/tremours to full blown seizures.  Even with intensive, emergency treatment,…


Pete The One-Eared Sheep

Peter was rushed to our clinic a couple of weeks ago after being attacked by a dog, and suffering horrific wounds to his left ear.   Kathryn, Libby & the Companion Animal team attended to Pete’s injuries under a general anaesthetic and found that unfortunately his ear was too damaged and would need to be…