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Dogs in Hot Cars - New regulations

Dogs in Hot Cars - New regulations

New regulations are in force meaning that if you leave your dog in a parked car and it is showing signs of heat distress you can receive a fine and a broken car window. Dogs quickly suffer and die in hot cars, so please leave your dogs at home.

  • If you leave a dog in a hot car and it becomes heat stressed, you and the owner of the vehicle can be fined $300.

Thinking about bringing your dog on a journey? Plan ahead and ask yourself:

  •  What's the weather like?
  • Will you have to leave your dog in the car?
  • How long will the dog be in the car?
  • Is it better to leave the dog at home?

A hot dog seeks shade and may pant, drool, and hyperventilate.

  • If you see a dog suffering in a hot car, take immediate action. Find the dog owner or call the SPCA or police.



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