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Retired Working Dogs

Retired Working Dogs NZ is a registered charity that works to find homes for working farm dogs if they are unable to work due to age, injury or have no interest in stock. Retired pig dogs and hunting dogs are also included! The charity started in Pahiatua in 2012 and has since grown to a…


Thinking about purchasing a new working dog?

When you buy a working dog, you often find yourself looking in a hurry so you can get on with your day to day activities. Although you may be feeling pressure to purchase a new dog quickly, a little patience and time may save a lot of heart ache in the long run. During the…


Regional Roundup…

An update from each of the Vet Services Regions. WAIPUKURAU Camille Flack, Production Animal Veterinarian Group Leader We start the year quite differently compared to this time last year. Last year the first cases of Covid-19 were being confirmed in New Zealand and we were starting to get concerned about the dry. This year while…


Heat Stroke

Dogs do not perspire the way humans do; in fact, the only sweat glands that they have are on the pads of their feet. Dogs pant to cool themselves. If the surrounding air is not considerably cooler than the animals’ body temperature – as in the case of a hot, stuffy automobile – the cooling…


Keeping Your Working Team Warm This Winter

With the change of season and cooler nights fast approaching it’s time to consider how you will keep your working team warm this winter.   Why it is important to keep your team warm over winter? In recent years there has been a real push to improve kennel conditions and to provide bedding and jackets…


dog eating bone

Raw Diets

Raw diets are meat-based diets (including bones and offal) that have not been cooked, this includes foods that have been frozen, dehydrated or freeze-dried. Recently these diets have gained popularity among pet owners who are hoping to provide a more natural option for their beloved companion. Although these diets may be marketed as a better…


Working Dog Run 2021

It is that time of year again – time for your team of working dog’s to have their annual health check examination and vaccination. Once again, we are doing this at a discounted rate. This is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have with your working dogs health.  


Treat your working dogs like athletes

Working dogs are an asset to any farmer and are becoming an increasingly large investment. The lifetime value of a useful working dog is estimated to be $40,000 with dogs fulfilling roles other staff cannot replace. With this in mind it is important to provide the best care to allow dogs to reach their full…