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Benefits of Rumensin

Benefits of Rumensin

Rumensin contains an active ingredient from the ionophore family called Monensin. It has an action on the bacteria present in the rumen leading to a change in the composition of bacteria type. Rumensin comes in three forms: a capsule that can be used in cattle weighing over 200kg lasting 100 days, water trough treatment, and powder for mixing into supplement feeds. We can discuss with you what form of Rumensin will suit your situation best.

The benefits from Rumensin include:

  • Increased growth rates on the same feed intakes
  • Reduced Methane and CO2 gas production
  • Bloat control
  • Coccidiosis prevention in calves

Rumensin is only to be used in cattle and in certain cases high doses can be toxic to species such as horses and dogs. The worst case scenario (and we have seen cases of this recently) is when a dog chews a regurgitated Rumensin capsule; these should be picked up and disposed of immediately. These types of poisoning also occur where there has been incorrect storage or disposal of product.

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