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Sheep scanning 2022

BOOKING FORM AT BOTTOM OF PAGE Last year we were surprised by our results due to the condition of our ewes. Scanning last year many people were surprised by the performance of their flock considering the condition the ewes were in at the time of scanning. On the back of the drought many ewe flocks…


two white cows during daytime

Common Diseases in Weaned Calves

Weaning is one of the most stressful event a calf will go through, which is why it can be the period when we see many disease related issues as the associated stress leads to immune compromise. Young cattle at weaning may also be going from a situation of being regularly observed to a less intensive…


Facial Eczema Spore Count Monitoring 2022

Facial Eczema Pasture Spore Counting 1 April 2022 WAIPUKURAU HASTINGS Spore counts for this part of Hawke’s Bay have increased this week and are on average at a dangerous level of 71 000 spores per gram of pasture. With many farmers busy fixing fences and clearing slips after mammoth downpours, the number of samples we…


Snip ‘n’ Chip

THERE IS NOW LESS THAN TWO WEEKS LEFT FOR SNIP ‘N’ CHIP Visit Vet Services Waipukurau or Vet Services Napier to secure your $10 Snip ‘n’ Chip voucher and BOOK IN your feline for their appointment before 31st January 2022. There are a limited number of vouchers left so be in quick to avoid disappointment.…


orange cat

Keeping your pets safe at Christmas.

Enjoy the holidays but remember your pet’s safety and heightened sensitivity to some of our favourite things. Never underestimate a food loving dog’s ability to smell out and find food stuff not intended for them!! Here are a few things to keep in mind. Chocolate: Wrapped up under the Christmas tree, the festive season is the…


white and brown dog wearing santa hat

Holiday Hours

Christmas is fast-approaching, our clinics have been busy with people getting ready for the holidays and it won’t be long before most people enjoy a few days off with friends and family. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with your animals over the break – we have an holiday team…


corn fields during golden hour

Barley Grass

Summer is nearly here which means our vets are starting to see an increase in grass seed related problems.  Barley grass has bristly seeds which stick to anything, anywhere, anytime! Because of their shape these seeds can burrow into fur and skin where they might become lodged. They can also enter nose or ears, get…


Future of Wool – Fine wool breeds in the North Island.

The NZ Sheep industry is evolving, with the perception of strong wool reaching a tipping point and many farmers looking to convert flocks to finer wool and shedding breeds. Rising costs of using the woolshed and the declining prices of strong wool has made the future of wool a point of discussion at every level…


fireworks at nighttime

Fireworks and Pets

Remember, remember the 5th of November! As Guy Fawkes rolls around each year our night skies begin to light up with colour and booming noises. While some of us enjoy the excitement, these celebrations can have a really negative effect on our animals. Here are some tips to keep your furry friends happy during this…


Thinking of converting to shedding sheep?

Earlier this year Vet Services hosted a Wool Workshop looking at the future of the NZ Wool industry. Professor Steve Morris from Massey University, Dean Martin of Glenlands Farms, Morrison Farming, and Focus Genetics shared what they have learnt while introducing shedding breeds in to strong wool flocks. Prof Steve Morris – Massey University Many…