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Guidelines for use of long acting anthelmintics in sheep: pre-lamb

While long acting anthelmintics have a role in the management of parasites in lambing ewes and the subsequent levels of pasture contamination, their use contributes to the onset and extent of anthelmintic resistance. With growing concern over the number of farms in NZ now showing clinical and subclinical issues with anthelmintic resistance, the following should be considered…


Winter Feeding Seminar & BBQ

We are hosting a series of seminars around the topic of winter feeding and setting your farm up for spring performance. Our vets will talk about lambing in tough feed times, winter feeding of cattle, and some of the winter animal health issues to watch out for. The seminar will be followed by a free BBQ &…


Doggy Donor saves young Rhodesian Ridgeback’s Life

Whisky was admitted in a critical condition earlier this month after eating a significant amount of rat bait. Upon arrival the 11-month-old ridgeback was lethargic, pale, coughing softly and refusing to eat or drink. He didn’t improve with initial treatments and urgently needed a lifesaving blood transfusion. Basil, a 7-year-old greyhound came to the rescue…


Facial Eczema – Hastings Week Ending 14 May 2021

This week’s pasture spore counts – Week ending 14th May 2021 Regional average spore counts have dropped back to safe levels, and hotspots have also reduced significantly. It hard to see spore count climbing again now as nights are really cooling off. Trend graph of 2021 Regional Average Spore Counts compared with last year’s data.


Facial Eczema Monitor – Hastings Results

This week’s pasture spore counts – Week ending 7th May 2021 Regional average spore counts have dropped back to low levels, and hotspots have reduced, the highest being 65,000 at Ocean Beach. The dry conditions and cooler overnight temperatures have slowed up spore growth significantly. Known hotspots still pose some risk to grazing stock, especially…


Slug Bait Toxicity Warning

Slug bait (metaldehyde) can be fatal to dogs.  They are attracted to it so it needs to be locked away, even being on a high shelf dogs will seek it out or scavenge if it gets knocked off.  Signs of poisoning range from slight muscle twitches/tremours to full blown seizures.  Even with intensive, emergency treatment,…


white sheep on brown grass field during sunset

Facial Eczema Monitor – Hastings 30 April 2021

Regional average spore counts have increased again since last week, with counts having risen dramatically over the last 3 weeks. There are individual counts at dangerous levels in several areas (Taihape Road 120,000, Ocean Beach Road 140,000, Eskdale 100,000). Don’t assume your area is safe just because we’ve had cooler nights, get some pasture samples…


Facial Eczema Monitor – Week ending 16 April

Spore count summary  After a cold snap and a downward trend in counts we have now seen a small jump with some recent warm weather. Not too many individual counts in high risk zones but a few small spikes present and still spores present in moderate levels at almost all of our monitor sites. Quick…


Facial Eczema Weekly Monitor – Week ending 9 April

Hastings Update Regional average spore counts have reduced again to 8500, there have been a few hotpots (80,000 on Omaranui Rd) outside of the farms doing weekly monitoring so the best advice is to monitor the spore counts on your pastures to assess risk more accurately. Waipukurau Update The trend at the moment is continual…