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This week’s pasture spore counts – Week ending 12 February 2021 The majority of this Hasting’s spore counts were in the 0,000-5,000 (low) range this week. The average count across the region were 3330, and remains unchanged from the last 3 weeks. One of the sites on Ocean Beach Road remained at 15,000. Spore counts…


Facial Eczema and Alpacas

Alpacas are very susceptible to the toxic effects of facial eczema spores and high risk periods occur during the summer and autumn. The spores, produced by the fungus Pithomyces chartarum, are broken down in the digestive tract releasing the sporidesmin toxin. The toxin is absorbed into the circulation and reaches the liver where it is…


Facial Eczema – Hastings Week Ending 14 May 2021

This week’s pasture spore counts – Week ending 14th May 2021 Regional average spore counts have dropped back to safe levels, and hotspots have also reduced significantly. It hard to see spore count climbing again now as nights are really cooling off. Trend graph of 2021 Regional Average Spore Counts compared with last year’s data.